At we believe that online gambling should be an entertaining, exciting, and most of all fun gaming experience.
Gaming should be pure entertainment. However, there can also be problems associated with gambling. Unfortunately, losing is also part of the game so we want to make sure you are prepared for this. wants to have in place and ensure users of the social and financial difficulties that can occur if you find gambling is consuming a lot of your time and having a financial impact. would like to ensure all online casino users have an entertaining but safe gaming experience. The following has been put in place to ensure we are here to do our best for you. 
  1. Gambling should always be done in moderation and undertaken as a form of leisure and entertainment purposes only.
  2. Consider if you can afford to lose the money spent on gambling.
  3. Users should decide on a budget before gambling and stick to this.
  4. Always be aware of the signs of potential gambling problems. Educating yourself to ensure you are aware of this is the best prevention.
  5. Never borrow money to support the entertainment of gambling.
  6. Always be aware of the amount of time used on gambling. Set a personal rule to not allow gambling to take control of your life.
  7. Contact your local gambling or counseling service if you need to talk to someone about any concerns regarding your gambling habits.  
Help and Support?
Ask yourself the following questions:
  1. Are you avoiding the responsibilities of going to work or leisure activities?
  2. Have you sold anything or borrowed money to support your gaming habit(s)?
  3. Have you tried to make up for any losses by continuously gambling?
  4. Do you ever lie to avoid spending time with family/friends to cover up the amount of time and money spent on gambling?
  5. Are you playing for entertainment purposes only?
  6. Do you gamble under the influence of alcohol or drugs?
  7. Do arguments, frustrations, disappointments, or stress in your daily life make you want to gamble?
  8. Has gambling caused financial problems, anxiety, or problems within your family or with friendships?
If you have answered mostly “yes”, please consider contacting your local gambling or counseling organizations. 
Know Your Limits wants to provide all users with a safe and responsible gaming environment and has made this a priority. We have developed the necessary steps to protect users and equip them with the tools needed if gambling becomes a problem. 
Users at must take responsibility to inform their local gambling or counseling service(s) with the necessary information to address any problems they may face while gambling. 
For any questions or concerns, contact our support team at
Gambling Counselling Organisations
If you are having difficulties managing your gambling habits, support and advice are available. Depending on your location,  recommended support services include: 
The Responsible Gaming Council (RGC): Based in Canada and offers information and advice on how users can gamble safer in communities.
National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG): Based in the USA. They serve as a national advocate, assisting those with gambling problems.
The Mayo Clinic: Based in the USA. They are a non-profit organization committed to providing care and support to those indeed, including addiction.
Gamblers Anonymous: Based in the UK, Gamblers Anonymous allows people to come together to share their experiences and solve their common problems. There are regional fellowships around the world.
Gambling Therapy: Based in the UK and serves internationally. Gambling Therapy provides support and counseling for anyone affected by gambling.
Underage Gambling
Our services apply to users who are of legal age to gamble. In most countries, the legal age limit is 18 and above. However, this may vary depending on our location and jurisdiction. Our lists of approved online casinos will carry out detailed age checks and verification when registering. 
Filtering Systems
Installing filtering software allows players to regulate and control the access of certain websites, including gambling websites. 
We recommend installing filtering solutions if you share the same computer with family or friends under the legal age of gambling or anyone who has requested self-exclusion from gambling sites.  Some options include:
  • Net Nanny
  • CyberPatrol 
  • GamBan